Campervans USA for American RV campervan & motorhome hire
Campervans USA for American RV campervan & motorhome hire
Campervans USA for American RV campervan & motorhome hire

To find out how much it costs to hire a campervan in USA fill in the boxes.

To find out how much it costs to hire a campervan in USA fill in the boxes.

Campervan RV rental in America

FAQ USA RV motorhome rental

Frequently asked Questions for Campervan and motorhome hire and details on how to use our online booking engine.

How do I find out how much a campervan or motorhome costs to hire?
On the search for vehicles box, first select the country where you will hire the vehicle.
Then select where you would like to collect and leave the vehicle from the drop down box.
Please note that if you pick up and drop off in different locations there will be an extra charge.
Enter the dates that you want to hire the vehicle for.
Note that Sunday collection and drop off are often not possible in the USA and if they are then an additional cost is levied
If you are unsure of which vehicle type you want to hire then leave this to state "vehicle type"
Select the currency you wish to have the quote displayed.  You can change this later if you want to.
Click on the SEARCH button and a selection of vehicles will be displayed.  The cheapest daily rate is displayed first and the cost increases as you scroll down the page.
You can refine your search further by using the filter boxes on the left hand side of the screen.  You have the choices of "filter by berth", by price, by specs", by people and by age.  Each of these filters will affect the price of the hire.  The smaller and older vehicles are often the cheapest. 
Special offers are constantly added to our online booking engine and you will see these highlighted in red. 
Each vehicle listing contains a picture of the vehicle offered. Please click on the picture for more details of the vehicle including bed sizes, height, day and night time layouts etc
The price per day and compulsory costs are included on the box on the right hand side.  Other options are listed in blue that are underlined.  You can click on any of these options for more details. 
Once you have made your choice, click on the START BOOKING button. This does not commit you to booking a vehicle but it will list all the optional extras and also highlight any special offers that may apply. 
Please select a pick up and drop off time. This can be changed at a later date.
You will see that next to the city of pickup there is a more info button.  This will give you the address and pick up procedure for this van.
Are there any hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs. Once you have selected your choice of vehicle and filled in the above information boxes a list of optional extras will be given.  You can then make your choices by ticking the boxes.  These are all optional.  Details are explained beside each cost and highlighted by info buttons.
If you need any assistance during this stage, please call or email us.
If you take no additional insurance from the list here, then in most cases a higher bond will be required when you collect your vehicle. In most cases you will be offered the option to reduce the bond when you collect your vehicle.  However, you can pre-book insurance to reduce the bond held.
Bonds will cover the insurance excess and if you take full cover insurance you will still be required to leave a bond to ensure that the vehicle is returned in a good and clean condition to the correct location.  If you have any questions about the various options, please ask.  The types of insurance vary between country to country and vehicles.
Can I change my booking?
Yes, bookings can be changed.  If you make changes well in advance of the hire then no charges are made.  However, date changes and location changes can sometimes incur additional charges.  Please contact us to clarify before any changes are made.
What is included in the rental rate?
Once you have made your selections click on the NEXT STEP button.  You are not committing to booking a vehicle. This will take you to a summary of the optional extras you have made.  Here you will find everything itemised and also clearly stating what payments have to be made when you book the vehicle and which payments are made when you collect the vehicle.  There may be separate listings for additional insurance payments depending on the selections you have made previously.  You can press the back arrow on your browser to change any of these choices.
All charges are listed here including credit card charges.
There are no hidden charges. 
What do I get in a Campervan?
Campervans and Motorhomes are fully equipped for sleeping, eating and general everyday living.  
Most campervans are fully equipped with bedding (duvets, sheets, pillows and covers and towels) and the kitchen comes fully equipped with cutlery, crockery, electric appliances etc ' most have a Microwave included. Costs vary and in some cases charges are made for the hire of equipment and bedding. These are itemised when you request a quote.
Do I need a special drivers licence to drive a camper van or motorhome?
No, you don't ' a campervan can be driven with a standard full car licence. However each person who wishes to drive a campervan needs to bring their own valid original licence. If the licence is not in English it will have to have an English translation if you are visiting a non English speaking country.  If you are visiting a European country it is advisable to have an international driving licence. These are issued in the country of residence.
How old do I need to be to be able to drive a Campervan? 
Usually at least 18 years old and you must have held a full drivers license for a minimum of 1 year. Some Campervan companies make exceptions to the age ' however, terms and conditions in regards to Bond/excess and insurances may be different.  The smaller "sleeper cars" can be driven by 18 year olds.  Please check the terms on each vehicle.  If you are unsure, please contact us.
Is there a minimum hire period to hire a camper van?
Yes, this is usually 7 days.  There are many exceptions to this depending on time of year and availability.  Some restrictions to minimum hire periods over peak season travel may apply too. One way hires are often restricted to a minimum of 14 days. Check out the various companies as these terms vary. If you are unsure or want to make a special request, please contact us. 
If I return the campervan early, do I get a refund?
No, you won't ' however you may be able to claim some unused portions back from your travel insurance. Travel insurance is strongly recommended in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Can I pick up a campervan in one city and drop it off in another?
Yes, but there will be a relocation fee in most cases.  These are often subject to the discretion of the depot manager especially in Canada and the USA. The costs will be itemised when you request a quote. Please contact us for your options.
Can I pick up or drop at the airport?
Yes this is an option in some cases.  There are restrictions to collecting a vehicle after a long haul flight especially in USA and Canada.  Extra charges may apply but these will be clearly stated.
What time can I pick up and drop my campervan?
When you make your selection from the pickup and drop off time drop down boxes, this will show you the available times.
Can I change the vehicle type that I originally booked?
Yes, subject to availability. There could be additional charges but you will be advised before confirmation of your booking.
Can I change the date and destination of drop-off during my hire?
We cannot guarantee that this will be possible and would advise of any charges applicable.
Do I have to pay for more than one driver?
Often two drivers are included in the price.  Where additional fees apply, then these are stated when you request a quote.
Which Credit Cards do you accept?
Mastercard and Visa
What happens if I cancel my booking?
Cancellation fees:
The initial deposit paid is non-refundable. In addition to forfeiting your deposit, the following charges also apply:
a) - Cancellations with more than 93 days of anticipation - 20% of penalty
b) - Cancellations with less than 93 days of anticipation - 30% of penalty
c) - Cancellations with less than 63 days of anticipation - 50% of penalty
d) - Cancellations with less than 33 days of anticipation - 100% of penalty
If clients do not appear on the day of pick up, after 24 hours the supplier will consider abandonment of the service/hire and cancelation terms will apply. The supplier is authorised to retain the total amount (100% of the hire).
Can a baby seat be fitted to any of your campervans?
You will be required to provide your own baby or car seat in the USA.
Are there restrictions on where I can drive a campervan?
Yes, there are and these are clearly listed. Some vary depending on the time of year. Eg Death Valley is prohibited in August in the USA.
Where can I camp in a campervan?
We recommend camping in a designated campsite.  There are many free camping areas such as national parks and council funded parks.  The more commercial sites charge but supply fully equipped kitchens and hot showers etc
How long does the battery system last?
This varies from vehicle to vehicle and the level of usage. But generally two to three days.
Do you have any vehicles with automatic transmission?
Most vehicles in the USA and Canada are automatic. On our site it is stated in the vehicle specifications if it is manual or automatic transmission.
Please contact us for more info.
Do you have any Vehicle Assistance while I am on the road?
Yes, it is included in the hire rates.
How much does a rental cost?
All prices are clearly stated and any optional extras are listed.  You can clearly see what charges and costs can be prepaid or will be paid locally on collection of your vehicle.
What kind of motorhomes do you rent?
There are small camping cars to large 7 berths and everything in between.  Each vehicle is illustrated with a photograph and full specifications. Please click on the picture or the link full specs
Where can I rent a motorhome?
A list of countries is displayed in the drop down box headed country and then you can select where to pick up a van from the Pick up box.  If you have any special requests contact us
What are your office hours? and offices are open from 9am to 9pm daily. If you get our answer phone please leave a message and we will get back to you right away.
How do I pay for the rental?
All payments are made online via our secure booking pages.  You can pay be Visa or Mastercard.  Please note that there are credit card charges of 2%.
How do I find out about special offers and discounts?
We received details of special offers daily and these are uploaded on to our site so that you can get the best deals available.  Long term hires can sometimes incur even more discounts. Please contact us for details.
What is the cost of mileage?
In most countries mileage is included in the daily rate.  In some cases a mileage limit is imposed such as 60km per day and that is included in the daily rate.  In Canada and USA many hire companies ask you to prepay your mileage allowance.  This is usually in 500 miles packs or 800km packs.  If you travel less than the amount purchased you will not get a refund. If you travel longer then you will be charged on a per mile or per km basis which will typically be .35c per mile.  If you want to maximise your mileage allowance and need help calculating what the best options are for your holiday please contact us.
Is there a charge for the generator?
Yes. Generators can be hired by the hour or for the term of the hire. Full details are included in the optional extras.
What deposits are required?
When you book a campervan on line via our website it will state the deposit amount and when the balance is due.
What constitutes a "Rental Day"?
Each day is counted as one in most cases. However, some countries and hire suppliers will calculate your rate by the number of nights hired.  This is displayed in the summary before you book your campervan.
Besides the rental cost are there any other charges I will incur?
All extra charges are listed when you go through the booking process.  All compulsory charges are clearly stated and all optional costs are listed.  Most of the charges can be prepaid when you book. However, please note the costs payable when you collect your vehicle.  All taxes are displayed.
Can we travel one way to our destination or do we have to travel round trip?
Yes in most cases one way hires are available but these do incur one way fees.  These are stated on the quote. If you cannot find the route you are looking for then please contact us.
What about accommodating renters with special needs?
Please contact us and we will help you find a vehicle that will meet your requirements.
When can I pick up or return the motorhome?
When you make a booking we display a drop down box that shows the available time of pick up and drop off. We will try our best to meet your requests.
What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due?
There is no refund of unused days. However, you may be able to get a refund from your travel insurance policy if you have to end your holiday prematurely.
What if I am late in returning the vehicle?
In all cases contact the depot on the phone number provided.  Charges may apply for late drop offs and vehicles returned to a different location than booked.
Can I make a change to a reservation?
We will do our best to accommodate all changes.  Depending on what these are there may be additional costs involved.  The earlier you can make a change the cheaper it will be.
Are there rollout awnings on the motorhome?
These will be listed in the optional extras if available.  You can make a request by contacting us.
Are pets allowed in the motorhomes?
This is on a request basis only.  A higher deposit is usually required if pets are taken in the motorhome.
Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the motorhome?
Yes.  It is our policy and the policy of all motorhome hire suppliers to only carry the number of people that there are seatbelts for.
Are there facilities close to the rental centre where we can purchase supplies, propane and dispose of holding tank contents?
Yes, in most cases.  We always supply the address of the depots.
Can I park my car at your rental centre while we travel?
This is on a request basis only.  There are sometimes charges involved.
Can we leave our luggage at the rental location?
If you are picking up and dropping the vehicle off in the same place there is usually a storage facility for baggage.
Are we allowed to travel into Canada (or vice versa)?
If you are hiring in the USA or Canada, you can visit both the USA and Canada but your vehicle must be returned to the same country that you picked the vehicle up from.
Are we allowed to travel into Mexico?
Yes in most cases you can but there is additional insurance required.  There are sometimes restrictions to travelling to Mexico and we can advise you of this at the time of booking.
Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome?
No, this is not possible.
Is it possible to travel in the winter in the colder areas?
Yes this is possible but the van will be winterised so there is no water facilities in the vehicle.
Are there any places we cannot take the motorhome?
Yes, these are stated in the terms and conditions when booking.
Is it safe to drink the water from the motorhome tank?
We advised boiling all water to drink.
What if the motorhome breaks down?
There is a breakdown service provided as part of your hire and is included in the daily rate in most cases. If you are unsure, please contact us.
Are there bike racks?
These are listed in the optional extras when available and incur an additional charge.
Can you pick me up/drop me off at the airport?
Yes, in most cases. Please note that in the USA and Canada it is a requirement that you have a night's sleep if you have arrived on a long haul flight before collecting a campervan or motorhome.
How can I learn to operate the components on the motorhome?
Your campervan hire supplier will spend time showing where everything is and how everything works in the campervan or motorhome before you leave the depot.
What happens if the vehicle I reserved is unavailable?
In the rare case that this happens you will receive and upgraded vehicle.
Can I store items on the outside of the motorhome?
No, there are garages in some larger motor homes and campervans.
Is the customer responsible for any maintenance of the motorhome?
Yes.  The vehicle will be supplied with all the fluids topped up and the tyre pressure at the correct rate.  If you need any assistance please call the depot.
Can I get a copy of the rental contract in advance of my rental?
Yes we can supply this on request.
How much does it cost to stay in campgrounds?
This varies from country to country but we have useful links that we will email to you.
What kind of facilities might a campground offer?
They vary from basic to positively luxurious!  Expect shower blocks, laundry and kitchen unit as standard on commercial sites.
Who do I contact if I've lost a personal item(s) during a rental?
Please contact us or the supplier as soon as you realise you have lost an item and we will do our best to find it for you.
What about a TV and DVD or CD player?
These are available in some motorhomes and camper vans as optional extras and charges are added.
What type of luggage to use? 
We suggest bringing soft collapsible luggage with you as this is more easily storable.
How about young children travelling in a Camper van ?
Most 4 or 6 berth campervans and Motor homes have seat belts to accommodate child restraints. Please let us know the age of your children if any are travelling with you so we can recommend the best option for you.
We hope the above answers some of your questions you may have when you hire a campervan. If we have missed anything, please let us know and we will add it to our list.  Don't forget we are always here to help and advise. is part of    Privacy Policy
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